Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cousin William's first day of Kindergarten!

Note from Monique:

It was a big day yesterday for William as he started his first day of Kindergarten! He was so excited and every time we took a picture yelled, "Kindergarten!" and raised his hands up in the air. He met 6 of his neighbor friends outside and we all took pictures and walked to school together. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how it goes) he is in a class with 2 of his close friends, Wyatt and Taaran.


When I picked him up from school his teacher, Mrs. Sherman, told me with a smile, "William was a big helper today". Phew! J


As we went into our second day he woke up early again and gave me all his ideas on what I should pack in his lunch. It is just the beginning, I'm sure of many more ideas. We are so happy he likes it!


Lauren is struggling with the fact that she doesn't get to go with William and he isn't joining her in the car ride to daycare. Hopefully, that will subside soon and she will relish in all that 1:1 parenting time. 


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