Thursday, June 01, 2006

Telling People What They Want To Hear

I remember taking a career assessment in high school and one of the top three job recommendation was a radio repair man. I wish I still had the data, but I think that is the closest thing to a personality test I ever took.

I was checking out AVC Blog and clicked on the profile. The link pointed to a personality profile instead of a bio. For whatever reason I looked at the domain, found and took the assessment. Here is my profile.

Interestingly, the results were how I view myself or what I'd like to be told about myself. So I told two others about the site. I think the beauty of this system is telling people what they want to hear. It makes them feel good.


Tom Shields said...

Given your score on the Aesthetic curve, I guess you'll need to find a good designer for HubPages... :-)

Jack said...

Why not make peopel feel good? It kinda reminds me of horoscopes. Each one is different, but I think positive people see the good or upside in the profiles, another person may be upset.