Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Founding a Company vs. Working at Microsoft

I just found mini-Microsoft blog. Some things she says is right on. However, it feels like they want a startup like environment with the security of a large corporation. When we founded Hubpages we had to give up a few things to get others. I wonder how many MS employees would rather gripe about working at one of the best technology companies vs taking their own swings.

Here are a few tradeoffs if you are thinking about it.

Good Salary at MS vs. Living on your savings
Great Benefits vs Cobra ($1300+ per month for family of four)
Performance Reviews vs The ultimate performance review - Survival
Internal Politics vs Internal deliberation
Office with windows vs Office in garage in house under construction
Subsidized cafeteria vs Mehawks
Solid days of meetings vs Solid days and nights working on the product
Four hours a day of email vs 20 minutes of email
Drink fridge vs Costco runs
Ergonomic desk vs Card tables
Executive presentations vs VC presentations
Spending someone else's money vs Spending your own
401k match vs What's that
Stock grants vs Founders shares
Makes payroll vs Doesn't have one
MSN homepage for traffic vs Building something people want
Admins vs What's that
Raises vs Hmmm
MS Poll vs Funny, that will be the day
Promotions vs Ha, You're the boss
Gold Stars vs Aren't those great

Would I do it over again? You betcha.

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